The Friendship Revolution

TFR is Melinda Adair's passion project, birthed from watching the pain of amazing people struggle with isolation, loneliness, depression, and anxiety as a result of damaging relationships or difficult life transitions. These same people expressed needs for community, laughter, love, and acceptance.  

And this is no surprise. Statistically, 70-80% of Americans have grown up in dysfunctional homes where conflict resolution, equity, healthy boundaries, respectful communication, self-reflection, controlled anger, proper grieving, or healthy processing of difficult emotions was neither displayed nor discussed. Thus, we, grown adults, don't have healthy relationship tools.

As a result, many carry dysfunction into adulthood, into friendships, marriages, parenting, the workplace, etc. 

Brokenness happens, pain happens, and so we isolate and become depressed but ultimately we cannot disengage from community without losing important pieces of ourselves.

As a result of countless discussions about relationships and deep-diving into entrepreneurial training, Melinda launched 'The Friendship Revolution' in the Spring of 2018, providing friendship-centered resources via blogs, emails, videos,  live teaching segments, and a free FaceBook group.

The Summer of 2018, 'The Party of 8 Box' was born as a quarterly box subscription, providing individuals tools, resources, live virtual trainings, and activities to help them build their own tribe, their own 'party of 8' or 4 or 10. 

The 'Party of 8' ran a beta group in early 2019 and was set to officially launch the second week of March 2020, the week the world shut down to 'flatten the curve'. Work continued on this project until Fall 2020 but had to be put on the back burner. 

The Friendship Revolution, however, has a community group on FaceBook that continued to grow through 2020-2022 and now has 1,200+ members. People from all over the world are invited to engage in this free friendship-centered group which offers live video sessions, conversation prompts, and the opportunity to connect with others.

This group continues today and was even featured on 
NBC Right Now's Madeline Motivates the Summer of 2021.

One of The Friendship Revolutions' favorite sayings is: 'Become the Friend You Want to Have.'

Regardless of past pain, rejection, dysfunction, etc, we can learn more, grow together, and do better.

We can change our stories.

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"Time with friends often falls through the cracks but I can not stress enough how important this time with friends is as a stress reducer while building a major support system. Friendship needs to be cultivated. 'The Party of Eight' takes away the added stress of orchestrating these special events."

-Noelle Wilson

"Spending time learning new things about other women was refreshing. It started friendships. It forced us out of our comfort zone but in such a natural way. My heart was filled with the conversations, laughter, and bonding with those women.

I highly recommend using Party of 8 Box to jumpstart relationships and help develop closer friendships."

-Aimee Belding
"Before the 'Party of 8', I had several friends but they didn’t know each other and I wanted to form a tribe of friends that were all connected. 'Party of 8 box' helped me do just that!  I also had a great time deepening my friendships with each of them. The activities were so fun and “out of the box”! I enjoyed being the host and I felt very special as a member of P8!"

-Andrea Couch


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